Tuesday June 2, 2015, 217 W 57 ST. NYC. This great job site is The Nordstrom, 135 floors, where the tallest building in the western hemisphere will be built.


Right this way, at my table I set a place for surprise!
I serve opinion and sometimes fact.
I simmer good conversation with a hint of laughter.
In a warm and cozy atmosphere,
more than eating goes on around my table.
Its a place for celebrations, a place for savoring.
A place where friendships are forged.
A place where we share life’s pleasures,
where love adds to creativity.
Its like your home away from home,
and its just the way you want it.
Its been around since the beginning of time,
and I’m bringing it here.
To new heights, to new depths.
With a reservior of memories to draw from,
and a frontier for ground breaking work.
Where dreams can flourish
and desires can knock the socks off your feet!
If you can handle a dash of wit
and a generous helping of confidence,
you’re ready to set the pace for creating a scrumptious feast of the good life every moment we’re together.
So when our eyes look into one another,
there’s no limit what can be served at our table.